Freelance Workflow, Financing & Education in One Platform

Introducing the only business suite you’ll ever need. It’s packed with business tools, finance options, and community support.

Work More Efficiently

Build client-centric Noums that integrate tasks from A to Z – from brainstorming, to proposals, negotiations, and virtual conferencing to invoicing and collecting money.

Only few of the features you get in Noums:

Contracts You Can Trust

Coming Soon

Templates • One-Click Signature • Smart SOWs • Document Feedback and Iterations

In-Noum contracts are coming soon! Create contracts with a click of a button, attach SOWs, zip them to clients, get a signature, and you’re off to the races.

Smart Invoicing

Templates • In-App Payments • Payment Tracking • Overdue Invoice Reminders

Invoice easier, faster, and with fewer errors with our intuitive invoicing tool. Track each and every step. Get paid in (or out) of app.

Faster Payments

Multiple Wallets • Express Account Set-up • Card Payments • Bank Transfers

Get paid faster with Noumena wallets. Project-specific wallets keep payments organized, and you can easily transfer money in/out of your bank account.

Marketing Campaigns

SEO-Enabled Noums • Expert Marketing Advice • Campaign Strategy and planning

Market your services to a broader audience with Noums. Leverage expert advice to create winning campaigns and score more clients.

Easy Organization

Project-Specific Storage • Easy to Manage File Permissions

No need to ask, “Where is that file or file link” again. Add assets inside your Noums for easy access and storage.

Chat, Call, Schedule Events

Messaging • Video Calls • Posts • Scheduled Conference Events • Community Networking

Leverage separate chat threads and post feeds, make video calls, and hold large online events/webinars within customized Noums.

Learn Fast

We understand the immense challenges of mastering business processes, cultivating a dedicated clientele, optimizing revenue streams, and maintaining confidence. With Noumena, you're not alone – we’re here to empower you.

Rise - Be a Million Dollar Freelancer

Business Mentorship for Freelancers • Fully Financed • Limited Admittance • Expert Business Instructors

Rise is a ground-breaking 1-year program designed to help you streamline your business processes, grow a winning sales pipeline, increase your revenues, obtain funding, and much more.

Expert Community

Dedicated Experts • Vetted Community • Member-Only Events and Content

Connect with experts via their Noums. Join their events, gain invaluable business insights, and up your skill set.

Finance Your Dreams

Freelancers are often overlooked by banks – starved of vital resources needed to grow. Our finance experts will work with you to get the financing you need to thrive.

Coming Soon

Get Paid Faster

Get money from a signed client contract before the project ends.  In fact, you’ll receive the contract payment upfront within 24 hrs of when the contract is signed.

Manage Unpredictability

Chameleon gives you the funds to stay on track for growth – without the pressure to pay fixed amounts when your income is down. Now, you’re in control of a more flexible path to pay-as-you-earn.

Buy a Home (or Refinance One)

Have you dreamed of owning (or refinancing) a home? Noumena makes the dream a reality for freelancers via our partnership with Equinox Home Financing.  

What Our Community Is Saying

Thank you to Bethany and the Noumena Team for the kindness they've always shown during my first year in business as a freelancer.

Kristina Lopez

Copywriter and Editor

The simplicity of the editing mode and well considered building blocks for Noums make it powerful for allowing members to express themselves within the framework without feeling limited. I can see myself using this as a networking tool.

Jake Elder

CEO of Mindful Studio

I am happy to report working with Noumena has resulted in success; my business is growing and the Chameleon Financing has been a true blessing.

Ellen Pollack

Pilates Instructor & Studio owner of Defy Gravity

Access the Freelance Platform You Deserve

Elevate your business now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Noumena?

Noumena is a global company building the most powerful and useful platform for freelancers focused on taking their businesses to the next level. We provide access to a suite of business tools, financial capital, expert guidance, and community support that's been sorely needed for decades.

How Does Noumena Help Freelancers?

Noumena is a one-stop solution for starting and scaling a freelance business. Our platform provides an extensive suite of business tools, designed for seamless client interactions, effortless collaboration, and prompt payments. Additionally, we facilitate valuable connections with fellow freelancers and grant access to industry experts for sound business and financial guidance. Whether online or in-person, Noumena's thriving community is dedicated to helping you succeed in your freelance journey.

Why Should I Join Noumena?

The moment you create an account, you'll begin reaping the benefits, including:
- Immediate access to exclusive digital tools, such as “Noums”, that can streamline and automate your freelancing business. It's literally a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs.
- Access to game-changing financial resources and potential funding.
- Support from a large community of like-minded entrepreneurs and experts.

Is There A Fee To Join Noumena?

Not currently. This will change in the coming months as we’ll be unveiling paid memberships for some features.

How Will Noumena Help My Business?

Noumena will help your business by providing the perfect mix of digital tools to help you streamline your business processes and flow, access to exclusive financial tools/products and potential funding, and a dedicated community of freelancers and experts to give you the support and comradery you need to succeed.

Do You Offer Financing When I Need Money To Build My Business?

Yes, we give you the opportunity to apply for financing and work to understand your business model and product/service offerings so that we can make the best case possible for you to gain funding.

What Type of Financing Options Do You Offer?
  • Rise - Financing your education, learn now then pay as you earn

  • Chameleon - Flexible financing to pay as you earn

  • Faster - Turning contracts into cashflow

  • Custom Capital - tailored financing

  • CFO Grow - Expert 1:1 financial guidance and accountability