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Reach Your Potential.
Grow Your Business.
Finance Your Dreams.

Take control of your freelance business. The moment you join Noumena, you'll have instant access to business tools, finance options, and a network of freelancers you need to take your business to the next level. 


Serving The Needs of Freelancers 

No matter what stage of freelancing you're in, we're here to support you with the resources,  financing and support you need to grow your business.


Starting Out

Get your freelance business off the ground with  the help of our experts who know the exact steps you need to thrive.


Building Up

Been at it for a couple of years and ready to elevate your business to the next level? Our experts can help you to analyze where you're at now and sculpt a plan for what's next.  


Growth Goals 

Ready to raise financial capital to make your wildest business visions come true?  We'll connect you with financing options that have historically not been available to freelancers. 

Financing Made For You

Freelance businesses are often overlooked by banks and starved of the necessary financial resources you need to grow. Our finance experts will work with you to get the financing you need to manage and grow your business.


Grow Your Business
With Noums

Create a Noum to access all you need to work and operate your freelance business. Use your Noum to connect with clients, join a network of freelancers, and meet business experts. Work together and unleash your potential. 

Home Ownership Made Easy

You may have been told that freelancers can't purchase or refinance a home, but those days are over. With Noumena, you don't need tax returns or W2s — we'll guide you through the process the easy way.



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Freelancer Business Tools


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What Our Community Is Saying


“Thank you to Bethany and the Noumena Team for the kindness they've always shown during my first year in business as a freelancer.” 

- Kristina Lopez

Copywriter and Editor


“I am happy to report working with Noumena has resulted in success; my business is growing and the Chameleon Financing has been a true blessing.” 

 - Ellen Pollack


“The simplicity of the editing mode and well considered building blocks for Noums make it powerful for allowing members to express themselves within the framework without feeling limited. I can see myself using this as a networking tool.”

- Jake Elder

CEO of Mindful Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

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