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Our Mission To Finance The Future Of Work.

Our mission is to connect people with the financial resources that help businesses grow. With Noumena, freelancers can expect the tools and finance solutions they need to operate and grow their businesses, and a network of experts for guidance to make it happen. We're here to connect you with financial capital and banking support that is aligned to the way you work.


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Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Yours.

Noumena was built by freelancers who understand the challenges and the joys of running a freelance business. Freelancers that want to grow don't always have the resources needed to make that happen. We can connect you with expert advice, financial solutions, and a community that will support you no matter where you are on your journey.


Backing You All The Way

We have a deep understanding of banking and finance. We also understand the challenges of building a freelance business alone. Solving the problems facing independent professionals means thinking about banking in a new way. At Noumena, we understand the need to drive changes in financial design and that our role is helping freelancers and financial providers to connect on improved terms.

We're A Group Of Industry Experts With Diverse Backgrounds From 16 Countries.

Noumena is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.  This diverse team is comprised of technologists, product specialists, financial experts, designers, marketers, and content creators.  The team all work remotely around the world from New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and California in the USA to Indonesia, Poland, Austria, Thailand, Portugal, and England.

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