Fluctuating Income?
Meet Flexible Financing

Instead of traditional fixed rate recurring payments like banks, we offer flexible terms so you only pay a percentage of your income each month. Have a slow month with reduced income? Don't worry, Chameleon has your back.

Invest In Your Future

Whether you have unpaid bills or you want to invest in your professional future - you decide.

Chameleon gives you the funds that are needed to stay on track for growth without the pressure to pay fixed amounts when your income is down. Instead, you’re in control of a more flexible path to pay-as-you-earn.

Success Story - Faith Gieger x Noumena

"Meeting Noumena has been incredibly helpful so far. As far as money, I gained new perspectives on what it takes to scale my business and I did need financial resources to do that.”

Faith Gieger


Is Opportunity Knocking?

No matter the stage of business you’re in, the opportunity to achieve your vision often requires some financial investment.

With Chameleon Flexible Finance the burden of an unpredictable income, is reduced and helps to enable the freelance lifestyle. Chameleon's flexible payment terms keep your business moving so you can invest in yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Chameleon Flexible Financing?

Chameleon was designed specifically for freelancers and small businesses. Getting a traditional business loan from a large bank is nearly impossible to a small business. Banks overlook entrepreneurs and do not see them as financeable. The Chameleon solution gives freelancers a stress free financial solution that does not have a fixed interest rate.

Do I Qualify For Chameleon?
  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Must be a US citizen, legal resident, or permanent resident.

  • if you are US based, must be a resident of AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MA, MO, NY, NJ, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT or WI

  • If you are a freelancer and sign up for Noumena you can apply for Chameleon through our platform.

Do I Qualify For Chameleon?
  • With a loan you get a fixed interest rate on the amount you borrowed, where you must pay back that same amount every month regardless of your income that month.

  • Chameleon is designed for freelancer’s income, unlike a loan.

  • Chameleon rates are based on your income for the month, not on the amount you borrowed. So the amount owed changes each month with your income. If you make $0 that month, you pay back $0 that month. You can choose to pay more each month or all up front if you like.

Does Chameleon Take Into Account Unpredictable Monthly Income?
  • Chameleon is designed to address the variable and unpredictable nature of freelancers’ monthly income.

  • Payment for Chameleon is made in the form of a specific percentage of your monthly income. You can  pay earlier than scheduled if you want too.

Do I Need Chameleon?

If you want to level up or add to your business, Chameleon is the perfect product for you. We have financed educational courses, equipment, investing in small businesses to hire more people, and more. No business is too small for our consideration and we want to customize Chameleon to work for you.