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Cloud Engineer - SRE/DevOps (fully remote)

Who we are

Imagine it is 2024. It is finally time. Besides the knowledge accumulated during your career, you have polished your product idea and you feel ready to go for it. But there’s only one problem, you are a bit short on funds to take that business course you’d like to take to build the confidence you’d like to have before starting a company; and you are afraid you have not saved up enough to build it -as you need to outsource a big chunk of it- and have a cushion to feel comfortable going for it.

You then remember that a friend sent you an invitation to the Noumena Community and insisted that you joined. You finally do, and start going through the stories of other people that, just like you, decided to live their life and build their careers on their own terms.

You later find out that many of them used Noumena Growth Finance offerings to get started and grow their businesses. You contact some of them and start hearing about the personalized financing, the CFO on-demand experience and the growth programs they got access to… and can’t help but to feel really excited!

You feel it in your skin. You know it. This is it. This is the chance. This is your chance!


At Noumena we are on a mission to facilitate access to financing to millions of people around the world who have already chosen The Freelancer Lifestyle. 

In a world where the future of work is now, financial institutions and freelancers are failing to meet on terms that allow the new workforce access to the financial products they need to grow their skills, their businesses and, ultimately, their lives.

We understand that reconciling “the old way to do finance” with “the future of work” is no easy task, so we are moving fast but firmly to fill the gap created by the mindset shift of those choosing to build their careers and their lives on their own terms, and access the financial resources they need to go to where they want to go.

With dozens of millions around the world, and more millions choosing this life track every year – we are growing the team fast and we are constantly in the hunt for talented people who understand our mission, want to be a part of it, and have what it takes to do so.


Who you are

You are an individual who is passionate about what you do, understands the dimensions of the problem we are tackling -or maybe you even have experienced it yourself… have you ever tried to get financing as a freelancer?-, and wants to be a part of the solution at a global scale.

You play well with a team that is distributed, multicultural, fully remote and highly ambitious; but you are also a solid individual contributor and deliver awesome technology to help our product development teams design, build, deploy, run and monitor the services they own.

You understand that “DevOps is not a job but a culture”, and appreciate the part of the job that is culture building, providing guidance to other teams and helping them deliver for our customers.


About our tech

Our services are mostly Node.js (typescript, graphql, express, mongoose) running on multi-AZ, containerized clusters on ECS against multiple RDS database types; deployed through AWS and GitHub based pipelines. 

We observe them through 4 different solution sets (sentry, cloudwatch, xray, prometheus), and monitor through 3 (sentry, cloudwatch, grafana).

We build internal development frameworks to accelerate delivery and provide support to product teams on non-cloud tasks as required (regarding coding practices, frameworks and solution design). 

We are also moving towards a multi-region architecture and Kubernetes/CN/EKS.


About the role

You are a software engineer with a passion for coding at a level that brought you to the cloud-side of things. Containers and container orchestration come natural to you, and so do network, security and policy design.

You have solid experience working as a developer and understand the intricacies of building robust software, which helps you understand better the impact of (cloud) service design and the role it plays in delivering value to customers.

You feel comfortable with most of:

  • Typescript (or ES6)

  • MongoDB / PostgresQL

  • GraphQL (whether graphql-tools or apollo)

  • Docker (Compose/Swarm)

  • Kubernetes

  • AWS RDS / DocumentDB


  • AWS EC2, SGs, VPC

  • AWS S3, CloudFront

  • Terraform / AWS CDK

  • Github, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild


But for what is not yet on your belt, you have a burning desire to try new things and keep learning – and the capacity to learn → apply → teach to help the entire team level-up.

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