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Backend Engineer - Typescript/Node.js

Who we are

Can you picture yourself in 2024 living and working the Freelance Lifestyle on a tropical island watching beautiful sunsets with friends?

Joao (Brasil), Anita (Spain), Sri (India) and Mark (U.K) are four accomplished friends doing exactly that. Working on what they love, living on an island paradise with friends and colleagues that share the same vision.hey are all freelancers and business owners They all embraced the future of work a few years back and decided to travel to remote places for part of the year. They met through the Noumena Community Platform: a digital space where freelancers and solopreneurs connect with each other for networking and financial solutions.

Now these friends  share their success stories and the impact that Noumena Growth Finance programs had in their lives: programs designed to help the new workforce grow their skills and businesses, and achieve their life’s goals. 

The mission

In a world where the future of work is now, financial institutions and freelancers are failing to meet on terms that allow the new workforce access to the financial products they need to grow their skills, their businesses and, ultimately, their lives.

We understand that reconciling “the old way to do finance” with “the future of work” is no easy task, so we are moving fast and firmly to fill the gap created by the mindset shift of those choosing to build their careers and their lives on their own terms.  We work to provide access to the financial resources they need to make their vision come alive.o.

With millions around the world, and more millions choosing this life track every year – we are growing the team fast and we are constantly on the hunt for talented people who understand our mission, want to be a part of it, and have what it takes to join..

This could be you.

Who you are

You are an individual who is passionate about what you do, understands the dimensions of the problem we are tackling -or maybe you even have experienced it yourself. Have you ever tried to get financing as a freelancer?d And want to be a part of the solution at a global scale.

You play well with a team that is distributed, multicultural, fully remote and highly ambitious; but you are also a solid individual contributor and deliver awesome technology that creates value for our customers and partners around the world.

About our tech

Our services are mostly Node.js (typescript, graphql, express, mongoose) running on multi-AZ, containerized clusters on ECS against multiple RDS database types; deployed through AWS and GitHub based pipelines. 

We expose APIs both internally and to our partners via REST and event processing, as well as through GraphQL to help our different client platforms connect to our services: from our community mobile apps to our web finance servicing tools.


About the role

You understand that code is a means to an end, but that the end does not always justify the means. You write code that is performant but elegant, share insights with your team to help every one level-up, and have a taste for interface design: the client always comes first.

You can appropriately balance technical elegance, delivery times, business goals and value delivery; and have talent for forward thinking without risking the next scheduled delivery.

You are or want to be a beast with most of:

  • Node.js (Typescript or ES6 required)

  • MongoDB (required) / PostgresQL

  • GraphQL (whether graphql-tools or apollo)


  • Containers / docker

  • Cloud integrations (SNS, SQS)

In the areas where you don’t have extensive experience, you feel confident to iterate through learn-apply-teach cycles to grow your skills while helping the entire team level-up.

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