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freelancers, founders, side hustlers, and small business owners, listen up! you can share your story in a new way and compete for the business kickstarter package of a lifetime.

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what's the best way to tell the story of your business?

There are a million ways to try to convey to customers, collaborators, and capital providers what your dreams, your business model, and your potential is all about.


We have one way that we are proving works if you want to scale your business with flexible funding. We call it your Story. Your story is a holistic recording of every valuable element of who you are and what you're capable of.


Tell your story, change your life, change the WORLD.

And you can easily tell your story with Noums, in Noumena.

Who CFO Grow is best for:

  • Freelancers and solopreneurs who have already been in business for at least one year

  • Business owners who already use accounting software or do their own bookkeeping, and need help leveling up

  • Founders who are seeking to grow, but aren't ready for institutional funding like investment or typical business loans

What CFO Grow includes:

  • An in-depth initial consultation to assess all financial elements of your business, your work, and goals

  • Creation of your individualized scalable business model

  • Implementation of your customized business plan and financial projections

  • Monthly check-ins to review your bookkeeping, accounting, profit, and loss, and make pivots as necessary as you grow

  • Upon completion of the program, recommendations, and connections with financing options that are best for your business

Your Investment in Your Business:

  • CFO Grow pricing: $375 for the first month and $200 per month thereafter - we recommend working with your CFO coach for at least 6-12 months

  • At least 2 hours per month communicating with your CFO coach

  • At least 2 hours per month tracking your finances independently to stay on top of your goals 

Being a founder can be stressful, and we know from experience that finances, bookkeeping, and accounting are often the most overwhelming part. Let us connect you with a CFO Grow coach who will train you and mentor you in your solopreneur journey, and help you find the specific tools that are best for you to streamline your business and focus on what you really love doing. With your coach, you'll get mentorship as you make important decisions that will help you grow your revenue, improve your systems, and increase your take-home income each month. 

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