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Your Potential
with Capital Quotient

 Your Potential 

Don't be defined by historical scores, numbers, or tests. Capital Quotient uncovers your investability through your passion, capabilities, and potential.  

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Your Capital Quotient is more than a verification of your capabilities. It's a flex on your potential

How would you change how you approach clients, partnerships, and investors if you knew your potential?

Take the guesswork out of your value. We'll verify your past, passions, and investability. 

You continue to grow it.

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What is Capital Quotient?

Capital Quotient is used to represent your skills and abilities in business as a number out of 1000.


The Capital Quotient takes inputs about you and your business and verifies them. It calculates a score that includes the skills you’ve acquired, the experience you’ve gained, and the responsibilities you’ve held.


Then using a problem-solving quiz it measures your decision-making abilities.

Your CQ number will improve as you add more details and acquire more skills and experience.


The more complete your data, and the more you keep it fresh, the better for your CQ.

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Why do we need a Capital Quotient?

You can think of the CQ as a measure of your business capability and potential. Like an IQ it is based on your acquired skills and knowledge. It’s broken into 4 steps to include your background, experience, network, and your business and financial value. It’s verifiable and calculated without bias to give you a single number that’s trusted and true.


Use the CQ to help you assess your progress: self-auditing where you are at and what’s next for you and your business.


Use your CQ to win a client, it’s the value clients want to understand before they can trust you enough to hire you.  


The CQ represents you and your business value as a solopreneur.  That verifiable value makes it much easier for people to invest in you and your business.


The CQ also represents your investability.

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How do we get a Capital Quotient?

Your capital quotient is made up of 4 main components. You can complete the sections in any order and each step will guide you to complete the information needed.


Each step takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


Identity & Social Capital is about you and your background, your skills, your network, and your business. Takes 7-10 minutes to complete.


Native Capital is a series of 2 simple quizzes based on you and your thought process. Takes 3 minutes to complete.


Financial Capital verifies your bank account in 2 minutes. It takes a one-time snapshot of your bank account to assess your financial profile.


Business Plan this step takes your CQ to another level, by adding your full range of business capabilities.  The plan takes a minute to upload. 


If you don’t have a plan you can complete our quick templates for the Plan and the Financial Projections.  


Your score will be updated when you complete each step.  It takes about 48 hours for the score to calculate and refresh.

Professional status you’ve already earned.  One verified number.

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