A Better Way To Achieve
Regular Pay Faster

Faster puts you in control of your cashflow and reduces the stress that comes from gaps in your income. A signed contract is all you’ll need to use Faster and to pay yourself in advance.

Get Paid When You Need It.

Freelancers are used to adapting to clients changing needs and payment cycles.

That doesn't make it easy to pay the bills or invest in the business. Faster frees up freelancers cash flow and puts an end to the stress that comes with long payment cycles, unpaid invoices and extended project schedules.

Faster is Smarter

Faster gives you the amount you are due from a signed client contract before the project ends.

Infact, you’ll receive the contract payment upfront in 48 hrs of when the contract is signed. You can use the funds where and when you need them most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Faster By Noumena An Invoice Factoring Solution?

Faster is similar to invoice factoring with the difference that the financing is based on the contract you sign with your client, not the invoice.

What Is Faster?

You get paid for projects, before you complete them.  As a freelancer when you agree to do business with a client, you should execute a contract for the project. The contract typically lays out the work to be done and the amount and timing of payment. The problem is that, unlike a salary, you don’t get paid until after the work is done. The Faster solution works from client’s signature on your contract.   Even if you have not started the project, you can get paid using Faster.

How Does Faster Work?

You are selling your contract to Noumena and we will pay you upfront, when the contract is signed.  We will be responsible for collecting the payment from the client – you are just responsible for completing the work in a satisfactory way,  according to the terms of your contract with your client.

Do I Qualify For Faster?

To qualify for Faster you need to be at 18 years old, have signed an agreement to supply your services to a client, and a valid post-dated invoice.

How Quickly Does The Faster Money Hit My Account?

Within 48 hours of the Faster contract being signed and your bank account being validated.

Do I Need A Credit Check To Use Faster?

A credit check is not required to use Faster.