Free your business - the rest will follow

Paying for bells and whistles you don’t need in your freelance business?  


Simplify your business with a digital workspace - we call Noums  - built just for you.

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How it works


  1. Create an account

  2. Setup your Noum

  3. Get started!

Noumena is by freelancers, for freelancers. We’re here to help you, build your business, connect you with expert support, and get access to the capital you need to level up.


As a new member, these are the features you should start using today to enjoy the most benefit from your Noumena membership.


Noumena is building tools and finance solutions exclusively for freelance business owners. For a limited time thru 9/30 you can create and use Noums for free. 

It’s a new way to save precious time and money for your business.


Noumena understands freelancers better than any other financial platform around. 

  • Payments: Make and receive payments - transactions are free thru 9/30

  • Tools: Noums for business details, proposals, contracts, and invoices in one place

  • Education: Expert sessions sharing actionable tips for your business

Whether we’re funding your co-working space in Chicago, a podcasting studio in Bali, an executive coach in Lisbon, or a Therapist creating an online course in New Jersey, our flexible funding and holistic approach to business growth make us a favorite with thousands of freelance founders and self-employed business owners.


What you need to join the Noumena community:


  1. Be a self-employed business: Have an LLC, sole proprietorship, or other official legal designation of your freelance enterprise, and have been doing business (even just as a side hustle) for at least six months

  2. Be growth-oriented: Have a plan, and goals that your working toward to build your dream of growing and scaling your business

  3. For financing: Be based in the US or a citizen of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or an EU country



Join Noumena now: you just need your email address and professional profile link to get started today.

Whether freelancer, self-employed or startup the financial challenges are the same, the business and financial infrastructure is not designed for you. Working with Noumena you can access financial education, grow your network and your capabilities, and get flexible funding for your business on your terms.  Contribute what you’ve learned with our community and network with experts in-person and online - we’re all committed to your success. 


Join Noumena now for free, and connect to our Orientation Noum to get started. 


Sign up takes just a couple minutes and you can apply for funding in just a few more.

That’s the Noumena difference: we’ll back you all the way - Welcome to your community!