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Beluna House of Creatives

Beluna is a cosy community space of creatives & dream chasers a home from home. A place to connect, network, thrive.

Beluna House of Creatives

Beluna caters for the digital nomads who have chosen a different path in life, the ones that expand & evolve in nature & escape the traditional, sterile 'office' vibe. ⁠
Our open-concept workplace is nestled in the middle of the Sok Wayah rice fields, on a magical winding path, surrounded by tropical scenes of coconut trees, flowers & abundance of green.⁠
We feature both indoor and outdoor hot-desking spaces with a sound proof podcast space available for hourly or daily rental. With all the modern conveniences like air conditioning and fast WiFi, members really enjoy the connection to Balinese culture and space for creativity that is available.⁠
As buildings continue to go up in our cities, we should be reminded that the environment we do business in matters, and a little more green is almost always worth the investment for your mind, body & soul. ⁠



Beluna House of Creatives
Hot Desks
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