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Centre for Social Innovation

The first coworking space in Canada.

Centre for Social Innovation

When CSI opened, we were the first coworking space in Canada. In the over 15 years since, we’ve been thrilled to watch the world catch up with us. We wanted to change the game, not be the only game in town.

We’re a nonprofit space (you’ll never have to worry about us going to IPO)
We curate our members (you’ll be surrounded by collaborators)
We’ve built a real community (you’ll make connections beyond a beer cart)
We promote member work daily (you’ll get access to our audience of 75K people)
We are overhauling outdated systems (you’ll create the Next Economy with us)
Simply put, if you are a business or organization that wants to change the world, we’d love to help you make that happen.

Whether you need a private office for your team, or just a reason to get out of your house a few hours a month, we offer coworking, community, education, and acceleration services to people just like you.



Centre for Social Innovation
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