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Open jobs at Noumena

Head of Content (fully remote)

We're seeking an experienced, results-oriented Head of Content to help lead our Community, Growth + Development team and grow the noumena community to 100,000 users and beyond. The ideal candidate will have experience creating, curating, strategizing, and improving individual contributors' content across multiple platforms and media, including landing pages, short articles, emails, mobile video, graphic design, brand voice and tone, creative direction, social media strategy, and marketing. This person must be able to handle challenges associated with a growing startup and collaborate remotely with technology, product, and marketing teams around the globe. This role will report directly to the Executive Team.

Backend Engineer - Typescript/Node.js (fully remote)

You can appropriately balance technical elegance, delivery times, business goals and value delivery; and have talent for forward thinking without risking the next scheduled delivery.

You are or want to be a beast with most of:

  • Node.js (Typescript or ES6 required)

  • MongoDB (required) / PostgresQL

  • GraphQL (whether graphql-tools or apollo)


  • Containers / docker

  • Cloud integrations (SNS, SQS)

Cloud Engineer - SRE/DevOps (fully remote)

You have solid experience working as a developer and understand the intricacies of building robust software, which helps you understand better the impact of (cloud) service design and the role it plays in delivering value to customers.

You feel comfortable with most of:

  • Typescript (or ES6)

  • MongoDB / PostgresQL

  • GraphQL (whether graphql-tools or apollo)

  • Docker (Compose/Swarm)

  • Kubernetes

  • AWS RDS / DocumentDB


  • AWS EC2, SGs, VPC

  • AWS S3, CloudFront

  • Terraform / AWS CDK

  • Github, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild

UX Copy Writer

We're seeking an experienced, result-oriented UX Writer to create, edit and evolve the microcopy and user journey messages across our mobile apps, web apps, and our financial platform that can help improve the user experience. The ideal candidate will be obsessed with creating a simple and elegant user journey across screens and site pages to complete tasks, interactions, messages, and transactions.

Web / ReactJS Developers (5-10)
  • ReactJS (5 years' experience)

  • TypeScript (3 years' experience(

  • Unit testing (e.g. Jest / React Testing Library)

  • Git

  • GraphQL

  • Great at managing complexity into readability code

Backend / NodeJS Developers (5)
  • Minimum 5 + Years of experience in Node JS

  • Good Communication skills & Positive Attitude

  • Familiar with Agile & Scrum Concepts

  • Shorter Notice Period (preferably within 30 Days max)

Product owner

The Product owner is the point person on the product development team, using their high-level perspective to define goals. Responsible for communicating with stakeholders across the board, including business managers, marketing, legal and the development team to make sure the goals are clear and the vision is aligned with business objectives.