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Freelancing in


Unleash your inner entrepreneur with us in the City of Light.

Networking Event

Connect with a global community of Lisbon digital nomads and remote workers

Lunch n Learn.

Happy Hour.

Pitch Night.

Crypto Club.

Content Creators.

Finance Fixes (more info on that here)

If you're a founder, freelancer, or solopreneur in Lisbon, we've got you covered.

No upcoming events at the moment

Meet Estevao, Freelancer Guru and Professional Remote Worker

Looking to connect with the Portuguese (or perhaps Brazilian expat) remote working community? Interested in co-hosting an event in Lisbon? Maybe you need help securing financing to grow your own business? Estevao has your back.

Want to see a real life noumena success story? Meet Lauren in Bali

If you have a big idea you put on hold a couple years ago, you're making a big pivot, or you are ready to level up your business plans, make noumena your flexible financing partner and get more access and more upside than you would with a "traditional" bank.

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