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Join the global movement and platform for freelancers, solopreneurs, and founders claiming our power and shaping the future of our work. 

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Supercharge Your Freelancing Business

Financial Solutions made for Freelancers

  • Working on a project basis? Smooth out your income with Chameleon.

  • Have an incredible business plan but need some seed level investment? (<$50k) We have flexible financing opps a click away.

  • Need a little cushion? Access our freelancers-only rainy day fund.

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Connect and Collaborate with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

  • This is a global movement to free the future of work and build bridges between freelance and finance - let’s do it together.

  • When you share on noumena, you own your data, not us. We’re the only social platform where you own and control the use of your own data.

  • We’re the only app-based community built explicitly for freelancers. So let’s keep it that way: no spam, no bots, no clients.

Still not sure you know us well enough to sign up? Check out our values. We are:






Creative: we create real solutions - we refuse to just put old ideas in a new package

Trustworthy: transparency, accountability, and patience are deeply held here

Generative: we make things together - we walk the walk, not just talk

Tenacious: we persevere optimistically and undaunted, even though the problems we’re trying to solve are much larger than ourselves

Collaborative: we help each other, go above and beyond, know our own terrain, all while supporting the collaborative economy of the future

If these are your values too, you know what to do.