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We heard a little birdy told you Noumena is doing a giveaway. Well, we’re delighted to welcome you! Below, we’ll dive into all the details you need for a chance to win one of our superb prizes.

All About Noums

Introductions. Financing. Networking. Payments. Collaboration. You can accomplish all of this and more through Noums.

We understand Noums may be a difficult concept to grasp at first. And trust us, it’s still a work in progress (feedback welcome, by the way!). But, as it stands, we believe Noums to be the new language for freelancing. We see a multitude of benefits for our members, not limited to:

  • Collecting new followers

  • Increasing sales

  • Developing brand awareness

  • Getting capital investment

  • Discovering new perspectives

How You Can Win

The Noums contest is free to enter for all freelance business owners residing in the United States. Here’s what you’ll need to do to secure your entry:

  1. Register an account with Noumena

  2. Open a wallet

  3. Create a Home Noum

  4. Enter your Noum into the competition

Registering an Account With Noumena

This is the easiest step of all. You can follow this link to register your Noumena account now. Make yourself at home.

Opening a Wallet

Your Noumena Wallet is where you can send and receive payments to and from others. Throughout our beta trial period, all transactions will be completely free, with no fees. You can attach a wallet to Noums too, and all payments are quick and secure. This is also where we'll send the money if your contest entry wins.

To open a wallet, you'll need to:

  • Log in to your Noumena account

  • Select "Wallet," which will appear on the left-hand side of your home page

  • Click "Set Up Your Wallet"

  • Add your basic details (this will not impact your credit score)

Creating a Home Noum

Freelancing isn’t easy — but it sure isn’t boring. That’s why we want to hear your story. You don’t need to be an expert wordsmith to qualify. But we would love to know what makes you tick — the thing that gets you up in the morning and the thing that made you take a leap into this world. Let us know what’s taking you from zero to one.

Other ideal submissions may include: 

  • Your business plan

  • The projects you’re working on

  • A slide deck for your company

  • An introductory video for your brand 

When you give a full perspective of your business, it makes it easier for you to both acquire new customers and find investors. Don’t be afraid to go into the finer details. 

Enter You Noum Into the Competition

Once your custom-made Noum is ready to go, you can visit the "Discovery" tab. Here, you can search for the "Featured Competition" Noum. Select it, and enter your Noum into the contest. Congratulations and good luck!

What You Can Win

We know the struggles of a solopreneur lifestyle. The question of whether you’ll get a return on your investment comes up often. But risk-taking goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship. And we want you to take the leap toward growth — with a grand prize of a $10,000 investment.

You could loosen the purse strings for your marketing budget. You could build the website of your dreams. You could buy some new equipment to run that YouTube channel you’ve been thinking about. Well, now you might have that opportunity.

Here’s what you’re in for a chance to win in the Noums Contest:

First Prize receives:

  • A $10,000 investment

  • $2,000 into your Noumena Wallet

  • A 6-month membership to our CFO service

  • 500 Noumena tokens to redeem for coaching and more

5 Finalists will be awarded:

  • $1,000 into your Noumena Wallet

  • A 1-hour consultation with Noumena’s finance experts

  • 250 Noumena tokens for redemption

20 Semi-Finalists will get:

  • $500 into your Noumena Wallet

  • A 1-hour consultation with Noumena’s finance experts

  • 100 Noumena tokens for redemption

Share With Others

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. If you know someone worthy of winning our grand prize, make sure to share it with them and spread the 💜. The more awareness we can build, the more we can do to achieve our members' ambitions as well as the goals of other freelancers that have yet to find Noumena.

How do I qualify for Noumena?

1. Be a Business

Have an LLC, sole proprietorship, or other official legal designation of your freelance enterprise, and have been doing business (even just as a side hustle) for at least six months

2. Be Growth Oriented

Have a business plan, goals, or some other ideas in progress about how you dream of growing and scaling your business

3. For Financing

Be based in the US or a citizen of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or an EU country

Join Noumena now:

you just need your email address and professional profile link to get started today.