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Tailored financing.
No pin-striped suits.


You’re the archetypal entrepreneur — courageous, inventive, imaginative, and passionate about what you do. You’re experienced and committed to making your business work.  
Problem is,
it’s downright impossible to get the kind of business help you need. Help that’s created just for you. 


This is where we come in. We’re the partner who has the resources, the chops, and the connections to help you convert your idea into reality.   
Whether you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, or an entrepreneur with a growing business, we believe we can help you. 
Because we get you. 


We can help.

If you’re running into the typical challenges most solopreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses face, we can be a really useful ally. And all we need is your email (personal or professional) and your LinkedIn profile (or other professional profile) to start.


There. How easy was that?


It’s all about you.
Before clicking anything, here’s how we can help you:


We’re the bridge between independent business people and financing communities. And we’re the first (and only) of our kind.


This is the good part: unlike traditional lenders and investors who only care about your  balance sheet, we’ve developed a personalized model that analyzes your business potential, and is engineered to help us help you find the perfect investors for your business.


Better yet, we’re not simply a financial solution or middle-man. We’re the world’s first community dedicated to helping those who go it alone.


We provide financial solutions tailored to meet your financial needs based on your strengths and your opportunities.


As a company founded to serve solopreneurs, we’re building a community that supports the free exchange of ideas, services, and business insights, backed with access to business coaching and skills training.


And last, even though we’re a global company, we’re accessible right here in Louisville, a city acknowledged for its entrepreneurial and logistical leadership.

It’s this simple.

Please consider this your invitation to join our community. And, if you like what you see, share this community with your friends.

One more chance to rock your world.

There. How easy was that?

All you need to do is provide some very basic information — your email address (business or personal) and your LinkedIn (or other professional profile) address. Then, you’re in. You can sit with us. There’s no small print, no hidden agenda, and no new-car-warranty-follow-up phone call from someone in Scranton.