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Home Financing Made Possible

If you ever dreamed of owning (or refinancing) a home, Noumena is making in possible for freelancers. Through our partnership with Equinox Home Financing, you can make your dreams of home ownership a reality. 

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Buy or Refinance a Home

As a self-employed worker, it may be hard to prove your income to qualify for home financing. Along with our partners, a mortgage program can be tailored perfectly for your situation. No need to provide a tax return or W2 to qualify. 


Just because you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, or simply have multiple side hustles, this shouldn’t stop you from accomplishing the American Dream of becoming a homeowner. Instead of being stopped, you should seek for answers instead. If this is what you do then we have what you need to become a homeowner. We offer buyers alternative mortgage programs that do not require income documentation or offer a more “make sense” approach to getting qualified

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Home Financing


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