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  • Buy Or Refinance Your Home

  • No Tax Returns Required

  • No W2 Needed

  • Tailored Mortgage Program

  • Asset Based Mortgage Program

Currently taking applications in US only (AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, ID, NH, OR, PA, SC, RI, TX, VA, WA)

Mortgages Built for Unconventional Incomes

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Do you need to buy a home or refinance but can't because you can't prove your income? 

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Noumena Mortgages powered by Equinox Home Financing

We pride ourselves on providing solutions to self-employed home buyers and borrowers. If you can't provide proof of income or you are like most other business owners who have an overage of tax deductions, we can help you! 


 Noumena Mortgages are programs that are perfect for someone who is self-employed. Making use of Bank Statements, P&L verification, and verifying assets in place of income there are three alternative ways to qualify for your new home.

  • If you have a lot of tax deductions on paper the net income on your tax returns is too low to qualify for a conventional program. Instead, you can qualify using your bank statements to show proof of income.

  • No income documentation?  No problem. Your application can be approved using a CPA or tax preparer statement confirming your profit & loss for 24 months

  • If tax documentation or a CPA statement is difficult to provide, your assets can be used to calculate a down payment and monthly payment. 


Call or Apply Online

Our licensed loan officers are ready to help answer any questions that you have. Taking an application over the phone could be as quick as 10 minutes. 

Get Approved

We will review your loan application, your property will be appraised, underwritten, and approved. 

Once all items have been satisfied and we are clear to close, loan docs will be drawn. You'll sign loan docs and your loan will fund. 

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NMLS Consumer Access Portal 

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