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Streamline Your Freelance Business With Noums

Noums help you to drive all aspects of your business. From building and managing your personal and professional brand to client onboarding, invoicing, getting paid, and more.. 

Expand + Manage Your Client Base

Grow Your Business


Noums are digital tools that make gaining and retaining new clients easy.


Start by building a dynamic profile that showcases your experience, training, achievements, skills, and more.


Create a Noum for your portfolio that highlights what you do and broadcasts your expertise to the world. 

Instant Message + Video Conference + Manage Events

Connect with Clients

Seamless communication is central to winning and maintaining clients. No longer do you need multiple systems to keep in contact.


Instead, use Noums to embed instant messaging, video/audio calls, and event scheduling into documents, presentations, proposals, targeted client messaging, announcements, and more.

Showcase Your Skills

Promote & Present Your Portfolio

Thanks to Noums standing out from the crowd is easier than ever.


Create a professional portfolio that showcases your strengths with case studies, video and audio clips, images, PDFs, and more.


Share your portfolio with potential clients and collaborators, and watch your business grow. 

Create, Share + Collaborate

Do The Work

How you use Noums is entirely up to you!

Create documents, proposals, and presentations that can be shared, worked on, and finalized.


Embed instant messaging for seamless communication. Or host a video call to review documents together in real-time.


Once you're happy, keep the document private or share it with the world. It's your choice!

Track + Accept Payments

Get Paid

Thanks to In-Noum payments, getting paid is no longer a headache.


Clients can make payments via ACH or credit card, and you'll receive a notification once it's received.


Your payment will be held securely in your Noum Wallet until you're ready to transfer it to your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

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