Business Owner in Workshop

Being a “small” business owner is actually a BIG job. Don’t go it alone. Get money coaching and financial help from Noumena’s expert team

Welcome to Noumena, the exclusive home for freelancers to connect with a professional network, grow their business, and learn to love their finances.


Noumena is by freelancers, for freelancers. We’re here to help you, build your business, connect you with expert support, and get access to the capital you need to level up. As a new member, these are the features you should start using today to enjoy the most benefit from your Noumena membership.

That’s the Noumena difference: we’ll back you all the way - Welcome to your community!

1 - Complete your Home Noum

At Noumena, you have a Home Noum for all your information. It’s the place where other Noumena members, potential partners, or investors, will go to learn more about you, and allows you to control who gets to see what. Your Home Noum contains your basic information, as well as work history, current business details, interests, connections, and your CQ. It acts both as a “get to know me” page. 

Create your Home Noum and you’ll be rewarded with Tokens. If you create it in a day (24 hours), you’ll get bonus Tokens too!

2 - Create, Discover and Join

Use Noums to do your business, share, and collaborate. You can use a Noum as a digital storefront for anyone that wants to work with you.
Create and own the Noum for a business, a service, a project, or a group and execute your business securely with clients outside the Noumena ecosystem. You can also find and collaborate with Noumena members to help you on projects, and monetize your intellectual property in new ways.

Go to the Discovery tab to find new and noteworthy Noums to connect with other members, collaborate and share advice based on your career and interests. From web development to blogging to songwriting, whatever you’re into, there is (or will be) a Noum for that.

3 - Move Your Money - FREE!

Go to the Money tab and set up your wallet to move money from your bank to your wallet. You can attach a wallet to your Noum to enable client payments and receive them with ease. 

Need to keep your funds reserved for specific projects or opportunities? You can set up multiple wallets – each wallet can be specific to a different Noum and each Noum is for any purpose that you define. Collaborating with another Noumena member? You can move money to other members' Noums and to other bank accounts. Want your client to pay you quickly and securely? Use our payments platform to receive monies from others - even those clients who insist on paying by credit card or bank transfer. And most importantly:  during this beta trial period – there are NO FEES to moving money around – it's FREE! So let's stimulate the economy together and build some amazing (and investable) things.

4 - Tell your story

Besides filling out the usual details about yourself on your Home Noum, we encourage you to elaborate on the details of your story that show your unique value as a freelance business owner. The best way to get a sense of who you are and what drives you is to hear it in your own words! Tell us (and the community) why you became a freelance founder and your experience, goals, and current work, so collaborators can get inspired to work with you and investors can see an even more comprehensive overview of your skills and potential. Then, book a call with our team directly to get into the deepest details of your full story and goals. This 60-minute interview is not only informative, but is rewarded with up to 200 Tokens that you can spend on money coaching, premium content, and more in the Noumena community.

5 - Connect 1:1 and in Social Hall

note: during our first week of public beta Social Hall will still be in testing - stay tuned!

Community is built through connections of all kinds. Besides specific Noums, you can connect with folks directly to build out your network. Visit the Community tab to access Social Hall - our audio and screen sharing feature where you can deepen your relationships, share your ideas, learn from experts, and spark new conversations. Have a question? Raise your hand and shout it out in Social Hall.

Members also get the unique opportunity to seek one-on-one financial counsel from top financial experts. The days of not being understood and receiving institutional advice that does not work for freelancing are over—Noumena’s finance experts understand the unique value that freelancers and solopreneurs bring to the marketplace, and always take you seriously.