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Meet Our Experts

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Lynne Hart

Lynne is a self-taught startup business collaborator with a background in finance and data science. Specializing in the structure, trading, and servicing of financial products, Lynne is also experienced in the processes needed to build and administer a business. She loves the science of optimization and lives in Florida, USA

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Arbel Eichbaum

Arbel is a financial-industries veteran, with experience across investment banking and commercial banking, startups, and consulting. A specialist in finance and business development, Arbel is based in Singapore.

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Daniel H Kim

Daniel is experienced in investment banking, capital markets, and private equity. He led structured finance and has provided service as a strategist, philanthropist, and consultant. Daniel is based in California, USA.

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Andre Lee

Andre specializes in designing and building global business platforms across finance, technology, and intellectual property. He has extensive experience in capital markets, venture capital, intellectual property, and technology commercialization, as well as many years as the founder and builder of multiple businesses. Andre is located in Vienna, Austria.

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Michael Hollerich

Michael is a longtime freelance professional services provider to the financial services industry. A specialist in designing solutions to complex problems in challenging environments, he is a  School of Banking. Michael is located in Texas, USA.

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Damien Wood

Damien specializes in the pricing, assessment and communication of credit risk with an extensive international career in finance and investments. Damien is specialized in Applied Finance and is located in Australia.

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Fiona Pietruski

Fiona has been on the founding teams of several venture-backed startups and eventually grew to found her own successful fractional CMO consulting business that she has run independently since 2016. A specialist in marketing strategy, digital and product marketing, brand design, and development, Fiona is located in New Jersey, USA.

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Jim Kelly

Jim is a veteran of investment banking and venture capital, and has held senior management positions at several startups in both the United States and Japan. A specialist in the technology, biotechnology and consumer products sectors, Jim is Located in  Colorado, USA.

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Bethany Handy

Bethany has a long professional history of working with freelancers, founders, and entrepreneurs to build out their consumer marketing and community programs, as well as guiding Fortune 500 companies on their community and marketing strategies. Bethany is located in Texas, USA.

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Jamie McWilliam

Jamie McWilliam has over three decades of experience in banking as a corporate financial advisor. A true financial expert, Jamie is based in Hong Kong SAR.

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Jaideep Krishna

Jaideep Krishna is an expert in banking and finance, with decades of experience in banking and financial consultancy. A specialist in finance and investing, Jaideep is based in Bali, Indonesia. 

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