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We connect freelancers and solopreneurs not served by traditional systems with the resources they need to grow.

Noumena wants to be your partner no matter where you are on your journey. We're here to work with you, advocate for you, and provide you with the tools for success, whether you're just starting out or you need capital to expand.

We get you, and we get how you work. You see yourself as a business and deserve to be treated like one. You need the same access to professional support and financial solutions.

Together as a community we can make it happen. 

To get started, select where you are in your journey.

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I'm new to freelancing

Help me get off to a strong start setting up my new business

business level2.png

I've started my business

I need some strategic guidance or help with my finances

business level3.png

Take my business to the next level

Provide me with the tools I need to grow my business

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