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10 Principles for Building a Resilient and Agile Community

Building a new community from the ground up is no easy feat.

Brad Feld, a world-class author and speaker on topics of venture capital investing and entrepreneurship, recently took a deep dive into this topic in his book, Startup Communities.

Because the ideas and concepts he shares are so powerful, we think it’s important to break down the top 10 foundational principles for building a stable, thriving, and resilient community for your business as explained in his writings.

#1 Long-Term Commitment

Brad's viewpoint is clear – to be part of the startup ecosystem, a long-term commitment must be made.

Rather than just focus on the total number of years involved in this commitment, it's important to recognize that it demonstrates an enduring level of dedication.

This promise might make short-term thinkers cringe and repel any predatory behavior as they would have to remain in the community for many years without fail, and also serves as an effective deterrent against faddish amateurism.

#2 Foster a Philosophy of Inclusiveness

He also believes that the startup community should be open and inviting to anyone who is interested in joining, no matter what their background or experience may be.

This attitude of inclusion fosters peer learning and allows for a more diverse atmosphere with ample opportunities for personal growth.

Additionally, he provides criteria on how to spot bad actors, so effective measures can be taken if needed – but this doesn't outweigh the strong benefits of having an inclusive environment always welcoming newcomers.

#3 Be Mentorship Driven

The wise words Simen Sinek are important for us all: “Occasionally, I’ll hear people who declare to be leaders say nonsensical things like: ‘I don’t have time to be a mentor.’ They fundamentally miss the point of what a leader does”.

An effective leader is more than a teacher – they are also an enabler and a mentor.

Sinek recognizes that the two-way relationship between leaders/mentors and mentees provides growth for both parties, as well in addition to the possibility of life-long partnerships or even mentorships.