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4 Places to Find Your Freelancer Community Online

Freelancing can be lonely. With no coworkers, no central office, no work events or the like, the onus is on you to network, find contacts, meet new people and find a community of your own. The upside is, every other freelancer is in the same position as you! And freelancers have become masters of creating their own spaces to learn, grow and support each other. Below are some of the best ways for new freelancers to find their community, and get connected to other people who get it.

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The Freelancers Union

The Freelancers Union is your best advocate in a world that isn’t built for workers like you. An organization with a mission centered around education and advocacy for independent workers, The Freelancers Union has been fighting on the side of freelancers, contractors, solopreneurs and independent contractors since 1995. Entirely free to join, the Freelancers Union offers freelancers loads of free resources, digital events and discounts - as well as the chance to be a member of the largest freelancer community in the world!

Freelance Slack Communities

Slack boasts a bunch of different interest communities, with several active, dedicated freelance communities thriving on the platform. These groups cover a range of interests and specialties, across all aspects of freelance life from job seeking to mental health to venting about clients. Here are a few of our favorites:

Leapers, self-described as a “free and inclusive community project for anyone who works differently”, is a group centered around caring for the mental health and wellness of freelancers and independent workers.

WorkFrom is a virtual coworking community for anyone who doesn’t clock into an office. They host all sorts of daily and weekly events designed to help remote and virtual workers to connect from home, the coffee shop or wherever else they please. Joining is an annual fee, but the regular perks members are able to enjoy makes the price well worth it.

Peak Freelance is another Slack community, focused on freelance writers who want to scale up and grow their businesses, something uniquely challenging for writers. The group is free and open to the public, but All-Access members get to join Pro-level channels like #AMA, featuring bimonthly Ask Me Anything sessions with successful freelance writers and content writers and managers, #jobs, a job board channel with open freelance writing jobs submitted by community members, and #resources where members can share their recommendations for tools and strategies.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great tool for freelancers looking to find interest groups of all kinds, even outside of your freelance work. Finding neighborhood groups, cultural groups, event groups or more are all ways freelancers can find their communities and expand their networks. Below are a couple of our favorite Facebook groups for freelancers.

Freelancing Females was “created as a place to share jobs, ask questions and part knowledge in the freelance community”. Their name “originally came from wanting to ask questions about freelancing that we weren’t 100% comfortable asking around guys”, however these days Freelancing Females is happy to welcome anybody of any sex or gender identity to their events and community.

The Being Freelance Community, an extension of the podcast of the same name, hosts live streams, Q&A’s, and community events to help its members connect and grow together. The group describes itself as “A place for being together, being freelance”.


Noumena is an exclusive, freelancer-only app community. It is free to download and join the community, and members are all vetted to ensure that everyone is a real freelancer. Members come from across the globe, from Thailand to Portugal to Indonesia to right here in the United States.

Members of Noumena not only get access to regular webinars with in-house experts in areas like Client Management, Marketing, Finances and Taxes, they are also eligible for business advisory and financing programs from Noumena’s business experts. Join Noumena now!