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Freelancer Case Study: Coworking in a Natural Paradise

Lauren’s Entrepreneurial Adventure in Paradise

Click here to meet Lauren and hear about her Noumena experience from her perspective!

Lauren Bagley came to Bali three years ago from her native UK. What started as a holiday turned into something much more profound. She fell in love with the nature and community in Bali.

When exploring the South Asian island, she stumbled across a particularly inspiring piece of land that happened to be for sale. That was the start of her dream to build a community coworking space in the heart of nature.

True to the entrepreneurial spirit, even though she had never managed a large-scale construction project before, she was undaunted and ready for adventure. As challenging as it was, she had a great time learning everything and funding her project on her own. However, those delays started to add up and resulted in the beautiful space not being ready to open until the COVID pandemic was in full swing.

Understandably, Lauren was fearful of trying to open her business in the middle of the chaos of COVID, even though the space is open air and very well-ventilated. Inbound flights were restricted and tourism to Bali was crushed. Lauren feared opening her space with too few customers in the country would not be able sustain her dream.

Community to the Rescue

Thankfully, her community encouraged her and she made the decision to open in 2021. Noumena founding partner Jaideep Krishna visited her space and was immediately impressed by her integrity, work ethic and vision. These are all parts of the human values that we take into account when funding projects at Noumena. Things that a traditional bank, investor, or capital provider might overlook.

Thinking Outside the Box? So Are We.

Like others who come to Noumena to fund their dream projects, Lauren was not pursuing traditional financing options - she was totally self-funded until she met Noumena. But when she found her footing and was ready to expand and pursue new ideas for her space, she realized she’d need a financial cushion to be able to move forward with confidence.

With the audio industry exploding, Lauren’s vision was to offer high-end recording studios for podcasts adjacent to her coworking facilities, further enriching her pre-existing model. Her high quality business plan impressed the Noumena finance team, as well as her ability to fund things on her own up until that point. Lauren’s transparency in all matters prevalent to her business gave Noumena the confidence to back her project with the flexible terms to fit her needs. Noumena offered her an investment with payments linked to her growth in revenues, the solution is designed to reduce the stress and worry about paying a dividend on a slow month.

A Global Solution for a Global Community

Asked about her experience with Noumena, Lauren says that Noumena has helped her with developing and expanding her business, from guiding her financially to giving necessary business support. But even more, when Jaideep needed to leave Bali to work on projects globally, Lauren stepped up to lead the Noumena community in Bali!

Noumena now hosts regular events in the incredible Beluna Coworking in Ubud.

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