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How a Freelance Business Owner or Solopreneur Can Find Their Peak Potential

Capital Quotient Sees More of your Value Than Traditional Systems and Banking

A freelance business owner using noumena

Have you ever googled,

"How do I grow my self-employed business?”


How do I know if I have what it takes to grow a freelance business?”

If you’ve found yourself late at night asking these questions when you think about your career as an entrepreneur, independent worker, or freelancer, you are not alone. And if those questions resonate with you, read on, consultants, self-employed, and 1099 workers!

An Easy Measure for 1099 Workers

A small business owner mentioning they are more than a number.

When it comes to being a self-employed business (think S-Corps, sole-proprietorships, and single-owner LLCs) no one is asking you for your high school report card when they consider working with you or investing in you. They want to know your work history or your financial history, and that’s about it.

There is more to a freelancer business owner, but it’s difficult to calculate and quantify it in a way you can show the world (or just know for

yourself) the real growth and investment potential you have attained. What makes a successful freelance business owner, and are you on track to be one? How do you even begin to articulate that value?

Your Business Potential Valuation: Capital Quotient

We take in your background financial data, your social network, and your past projects… we even give you a quick assessment of your decision-making abilities and other traits that help solopreneurs succeed.

As we begin to understand your "story" through your Capital Quotient questions and submission info, your CQ gets more clear and rises with each data point. You’ll discover that there are nuances to your past, present, and potential that can help you better run your business, see blind spots, and be more resilient.

Trust Me, I’m a Freelance Business Owner

As an independent contractor, solopreneur or freelancer, trust really is a must as you move from client to client. Creating trust without the name of an established employer depends completely on your track record.

What if you could increase your opportunities because there was a better way to see your true value, helping you to connect with clients, partners, and financial offers? Now your CQ validates your value.

Think of it like finally getting to see your full reflection, in technicolor, instead of a scratchy black and white transmission.

After answering and submitting all of the requirements to calculate your complete CQ, you have real, hard data that you can share or just use for your own planning, about where you are strongest, and in what areas you could use some support or improvement to reach your peak potential.

Sound interesting? Get your CQ here by downloading the noumena app. But guess what? There are further benefits to testing out our new tool. Once completed, your CQ allows you to understand how Noumena, and eventually other financial institutions and capital providers, could potentially invest in you as a freelance, entrepreneur, or self-employed business owner.

Now you might be wondering: why did we build the CQ? Or even better, “why hasn’t this been done before?” Both questions deserve their own answers.

Capital Quotient doesn't limit you to your employer to determine your value.

Why Build CQ for Freelance Business Owners?

1099 workers are the future of work - with financing needs like any business. But the definitions, rules, and structures of the prevailing financial systems were built for people who have one job, one career, and one client for their entire lives. This one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the year 2022, in a global, remote working, knowledge economy.

There is a need to bring a framework into the way we talk about making an investment in the new shape of business, and the massive potential of CQ became apparent as a way to increase access, accountability, and up-side for businesses usually seen as “too small” or “too risky” for traditional capital providers to engage.

Why Hasn’t the Existing System Already Built a Tool for Freelancers?

It’s not that the banks, lenders, and employers don’t want to care about freelance businesses, it’s just that they literally cannot speak that language. The traditional banking system was built for the industrial age and is having trouble adapting to the digital and post-millennial economies and systems we live in. Traditional systems are set up to feel like funding freelancers is like trying to put gasoline in an electric car.

The CQ will improve the way freelance business capabilities are measured including a wider and more relevant set of reference points. It will make bigger opportunities, like investing in solopreneurs and freelance businesses, much more accessible.

Are you ready to take a few minutes of your time to see what your CQ is? The result may help you better understand your business potential.

Our mission at Noumena is to finance the future of work. And guess what? Non-W2 workers of every size, shape, industry, and color are the future. A step toward realizing that future is to see your potential through Capital Quotient.