Introducing: Noumena Reward Tokens

We’re excited to announce the release of Reward Tokens: the latest freelancer community incentive provided by noumena. Tokens act like points redeemable within Noumena for goods and services.

At Noumena, our mission is rooted in creating a community of freelancers and financiers who support each other. For our investors and financial advisors, this means providing capital to freelancers, and for our freelancers, this means we’re providing consistently innovative ways of supporting one another.

Introducing: Rewards Tokens.

Much in the way airline rewards or restaurant loyalty customer programs provide redeemable points when you spend, Noumena Rewards Tokens are provided when our freelancer community members complete tasks within the Noumena app, such as completing their home noum (profile) or referring a friend.

Unlike other social networks that just sell users’ data, we feel that community members should be rewarded for their insights.

So what exactly do these Rewards Tokens get you?

Different goods and services offered by noumena can be “purchased” for varying amounts of Tokens. This will include financial consulting with one of our financers, tips from experts in your field, and exchanging tokens for exclusive premium content.

Noumena members can see their Token balance in their account profile, and Rewards Tokens can only be exchanged for goods and services from Noumena experts. Rewards Tokens are closer to airline miles than a form of cryptocurrency. They have an easily accessible paper trail within the Noumena app but generally are not taxable income.

At Noumena, our ultimate goal is to help freelancers and solopreneurs make more money and thrive in an economy that is not always set up to serve them. Plenty of apps allow freelancers and solopreneurs to network and seek financial advice. Ours rewards you for it.

The future of freelancing is here, and Noumena wants to help you make the most of it. Chat with a Noumena financial expert today to learn how we can help your unique career growth needs.