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Refer Your Friends | Give $30, Get $30

Who doesn't like free money? We all do! That's why we are excited to announce a limited-time referral bonus that makes it easier than ever for you to invite your friends to join Noumena while also earning you cash.

Once you set up your wallet, you will earn $30 for every verified freelancer or freelance founder you refer to Noumena who uses your unique referral code at sign up.* There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn!

To make this offer even better, we'll also send each person you refer $30 after they have set up their wallet.**

Not a Noumena member? Join now and start earning!

How exactly does it work?

Grab your referral code

On the web

1. Head to the “Account Settings” section of the Noumena web app and click the purple button that says “Invite a friend, get rewards”

2. You’ll see your unique four-digit referral code on the screen. Click “Copy Code” to save your code to your clipboard.

On mobile

1. Click the gear icon on the upper right of the screen, this will open your account settings.

2. Click on “Get the referral code” to view your referral code.

3. From this screen, you can click the “share” button to share a prepopulated message with your network via social media, text, or email.

We believe earning free money should be easy and transparent + sharing the love of the Noumena community with your network is even better. Start earning today.

*To receive a referral or sign-up cash bonus a digital wallet must be set up to receive funds.

** Rewards will be applied automatically to your and/or the new Member’s Noumena Wallet, generally within the first week of the month based on the referred person becoming a Member and/or you or they establish a Noumena Wallet in the previous month during the Promotional Period. However, we reserve the right to take more than one week in order to verify any information relating to the rewards.

Referral Incentive Promotion Terms and Conditions