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Meet Our Experts

Noumena has brought together a powerful and passionate team of instructors and experts committed to mentoring Rise candidates for an entire year. Learn more about their extensive backgrounds and areas of focus by hovering over their bios below.

Top Featured Experts


Petra Sundell

Upbeater Startup School

Petra Sundell is the founder and CEO of Upbeater on a mission to help Students, Freelancers, and Startups succeed by offering ways for them to meet, collaborate and support each other's growth.


Laura Briggs

The Freelance Coach

Laura Briggs is a three-time TEDx speaker, five-time author, freelance writer, and founder of The Freelance Coach and the Advanced Freelancing podcast. Her work has reached thousands of freelancers all over the world.


Keith Kohler

The Finance Man

Keith Kohler  @FinancingMan. Getting You The Right Financing at the Right Time™. SBA Loan Expert. Helps clients Master their Business Finances. Creator of the Making the Numbers Work® for You Retreat.

Lynne Hart.png
Lynne is a self-taught startup business collaborator with a background in finance and data science. Her passion is working to develop and administer the processes necessary to create a thriving business. 
Frame 5-3.png
Michael has focused his extensive freelance career in the financial services industry where he’s designed creative solutions to complex problems in challenging environments. As a leader in various incubator programs he helps freelancers and solopreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Michael Hollerich

Rise Legal & Compliance 

Frame 5-7.png
Bethany has a long professional history of working with freelancers, founders, and entrepreneurs to successfully build out their consumer marketing and community programs. Her superpowers include being an agent of change and driving cross-functional teams to work better.

Bethany Handy

Rise Business & Community 

Frame 5.png
Arbel is a financial services veteran with extensive experience in global banking and building his own successful corporate advisory firm.  As a co-founder of Noumena, he’s helping business owners gain access to the knowledge, funding and tools, needed to realize their potential.

Arbel Eichbaum

Rise Finance & Business 

Damien Wood is a consultant for early-stage businesses focused on investments, financial forecasting, and risk and governance. His specialties include helping companies establish their pricing models, assessing their penchant for risk, and creating a financial framework for a successful future.

Damien Wood

Rise Finance & Business 

Frame 5-8.png
Jamie has over three decades of experience in banking as a corporate financial advisor. A true financial expert, his passion is helping freelancers and small business owners build sound finance practices and risk management protocols that will lead to greater levels of success and security. 

Jamie McWilliam

Rise Finance & Business 

Frame 5-1.png
Daniel is a financial industries stalwart with a passion for helping distressed companies turn things around. This includes mentoring freelancers and small business owners as they work to establish and streamline their businesses.

Daniel H Kim

Rise Finance & Business 

Frame 5-5.png
Fiona has more than 15 years of business, leadership, and marketing experience as both a freelance consultant and a senior executive. With a focus on building and launching  she has successfully helped startups with marketing strategy, funding, partnerships, branding, consumer research, and more. 

Fiona Pietruski

Rise Business & Marketing

Frame 5-9.png
Jaideep is a creative thinker and an expert in banking, finance, and investing. He uses his structural thinking and visual problem-solving skills in product development. As a leader at Noumena, his focus is on guiding freelancers and giving them powerful tools for taking their businesses to the next level. 

Jaideep Krishna

Rise Finance &  Business 

Frame 5-2.png
Andre specializes in the design and build of global business platforms across finance, technology, intellectual property, and tech commercialization. The founder of Noumena, his pure focus is giving freelancers the technology, tools, and knowledge they need to find greater levels of success.

Andre Lee

Rise Finance &  Business 

Jim is a veteran of investment banking, venture capital, and has built several start-ups from the ground up. His passion is helping freelancers and early stage companies streamline their business processes, build operational structures, and grow their revenues.

Jim Kelly

Rise Finance & Business

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