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The Rise Program
Schedule for Spring 2023 Cohort
Course Start Date: May 15, 2023


Introduction and Orientation

Program Setting: Expectations, Journey, Stages, Terms

Freelance Components: Why, What, How

Getting the Most from Your Instructors & Coaches

Money Mindset (You, Client)


EQ1 – Understanding your Limitations and Vision

Fundementals of EQ and Awareness

Setting Your Visions and Purpose

Various Experiential Exercises


EQ2 – Supercharging Your Mindset 

Fear Conversation

Mastering your Mindset

Various Experiential Exercises


Business Purpose and Objectives

Setting up your Business Basics Overview

Business Objectives

Hero's Journey – Understanding your Story


Noumena Tools

Noumena Business Tools

Noumena Finance Tools

Noumena Financial Solutions: Purpose, Uses, Terms, Eligibility


Competive Matrix

Your Skills, Strengths, Weaknesses: Building a Competitive Matrix

Competitive Landscape: Where do You Fit Today? In 3 Years?

Who is Your Customer: Defining Clients


Business Basic

Financial Statements Basics & Impact

Managing Taxes

Business Planning Advanced: Adjustments, Tracking, Analytics, KPI's


Business Basic

Outsourcing to Unleash Time to Boost Revenues: Balancing, Choosing, Managing

Build your Business Plan

Leveraging the Noumena Community: Social, Team, Expertise


Your Story and Your Why

Sharing and Reflection

Your Story

Packaging your Story into Value & Services (create your pitch deck)

Reinventing Yourself: Constant Process

Presentation Skills



Essentials of Leadership

Leadership Types and Working Styles

Active Listening and Conflict Resolution

How EQ Applies to Business


Building & Telling Your Story – Branding

Marketing Essentials: How to tell your story

Branding Practices: How to Position your Business

Using Social Media: Practices and Tips

Building a Referral Network

Pros and Cons of Using Market Networks


How To Find Clients and Win Business

Building a Customer Pipeline: Starting, Nurturing Growth

Upwork & Fiverr: Best Practices and Tips

How to Harvest a Pipeline: Managing Prospects & The Funnel


Project Scoping and Winning Proposals

Project Scoping: Calculating Opportunity, Impact, Cost, Return, PRICING

Breaking Down Problems into Steps, and Steps into Solutions

The Right Way to Gather Client Requirements

How to Create Winning Proposals

Contracts and Statements of Works: Use, Shaping, Best Practices


Managing Clients

Managing Clients: Setting Expectations, Objections, Deliverable Framing

Client Engagement: Feedback, Active Listenting, Review, Refer

Sales Skills

Winning the Project: Closing Techniques


How to Deliver

Essential Project Management Skills

Forming Effective Work Habits & Managing Time: How to Work


The Business of Business

Creating Reusable Templates and Materials

Invoicing: System, Sending, Reminding, Collecting, Overdue

Work Deliverable: Dispute Management & Conflict Resolution

Billing Structures and Payment Methods


An Eye to the Future

How to Build Thought Leadership to Boost Brand

How to Raise your Prices

Adding a New Service: Analysis, Impact, Decision, How to Start

Solopreneurship: Packaging Expertise to Monetize One to Many

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