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Ready to take the plunge into freelancing?
But not sure where to begin?  

Starting your own freelance business can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do you need to find projects and clients, you also need to do the work, plus manage invoices, taxes, finances, and find ways to grow. It's a lot for one person! Imagine if you had a team of experts helping you get organized, build a better client pipeline, and be more productive? We can help with that. 


Join our community of freelancers and solopreneurs from around the world to collaborate and share ideas. Connect with professionals that can help guide you and offer financial resources so you have enough capital to get you through the early days of building your business. Surround yourself with experienced freelancers and unleash your potential.

Solutions to help start your business:



They don't teach you how to freelance in school, but our proven industry experts will. Learn practical skills to run your business. Our courses give you the tools to master six essential skills of freelancing: 

Business planning
Branding & marketing
Sales skills
Relationship management
Technical skills
Project management

Learn now, pay later. Start for free and pay when you can. 


Fund your future with our freelancer-friendly financing. We understand that freelance income fluctuates from month-to-month, so we've created flexible payment terms to work with your lifestyle, not against it. Instead of traditional reoccurring payments like banks, we offer flexible terms so you only pay a percentage of your income each month. Have a slow month with reduced income? Don't worry, Chameleon has your back. 

Let's get started on your path to success!

Join our community, connect with experts, and find the flexible financing you deserve to build your business.

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