How to Budget an Unpredictable Income

 Hosted by The Financial Diet 

Join TFD founder and CEO Chelsea Fagan for an interactive workshop all about how to budget on an unpredictable income. If you’re a freelancer, contract worker, small business owner, or side hustler — you know the realities of this all too well.


As a longtime former freelancer and small business owner, Chelsea knows everything about making finances work for you when those finances are unpredictable.


In this 60-minute workshop (followed by a 30-minute live Q&A), Chelsea will walk you through all of the practical information and mindset shifts needed to successfully budget an income that varies. Chelsea will personally share everything she wishes she would have known when ~getting good with money~ before she had a solid paycheck. 


You’ll leave this workshop having a better handle on how to manage your money, and feel more confident that you’re making the right budgeting decisions.


This event will also include a free 25-page downloadable workbook for attendees looking to get started on their own financial journeys with the right tools, which Chelsea will cover in the workshop.

This is for you if:

  • You’re a freelancer, side hustler, contract worker, small business owner or solopreneur

  • You have inconsistent income

  • You want to feel more confident managing your income

  • You’re not sure if you’re making the best financial decisions with the money you make

  • You want to feel more in control of your money, instead of letting it control you

  • You want to join a community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar career path

What your ticket gets you:

  • Access to the full event (including a recording watchable at your convenience after the fact)

  • Participation in the live Q&A with Chelsea

  • A 25-page downloadable workbook for attendees looking to get started on their own financial journeys with the right tools

  • Access to early-bird pricing and discounts for upcoming TFD events



Oct. 25th, 2022 at 6:30pm EST (post-event AMA in Noumena's Social Hall) 

online, accessible worldwide 

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Meet Chelsea, Founder and CEO of The Financial Diet

Chelsea is an expert at personal and entrepreneurial business finance, and has survived (and thrived) in changing economic landscapes for over a decade. Enjoy this unique opportunity to get her insights and specific working knowledge to build a resilient plan for your finances, in any weather.

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