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Noums to Connect, Collaborate and Finance Your Business

Noums are your workspace and your connection to the thriving community and your clients. Enabling you to work, transact, create proposals, connect with experts, and explore finance options.

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Freelancers and counting


Freelancer Business Tools


in 8 Global Event Hubs


by freelancers around the world

Present Your Business Your Way

Create your profile and let clients see the value you can bring with your freelance business.  Your profile is an easy way to connect with our growing community of freelancers, business experts, and mentors.  Create your profile and connect.

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Access Business Tools and Experts

Set up your business in one place. Access your wallet to complete transactions with clients or customers. Run your business and create proposals and other business documents. 


Don’t forget, we are finance experts so use your Noum to connect with our team. It’s all the support you need for your growing business.

“On Noumena, it helps differentiate you from your competitors. You can connect with people who may potentially want to help support you financially. You can meet other freelancers and potential partners because other people may be searching for those terms that show up on your (Noum) profile. And you can also run your business and showcase some of your best work from there.”

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- Laura Briggs

Freelance Coach and Author |

Frequently Asked Questions

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