Noums - a new way to connect, collaborate and finance your business.

Noums are your connection to our thriving community and your clients. Allowing you to transact, create contracts and invoices, connect with experts and explore finance options.

Contracts You Can Trust

Coming Soon

Templates • One-Click Signature • Smart SOWs • Document Feedback and Iterations

In-Noum contracts are coming soon! Create contracts with a click of a button, attach SOWs, zip them to clients, get a signature, and you’re off to the races.

Smart Invoicing

Templates • In-App Payments • Payment Tracking • Overdue Invoice Reminders

Invoice easier, faster, and with fewer errors with our intuitive invoicing tool. Track each and every step. Get paid in (or out) of app.

Faster Payments

Multiple Wallets • Express Account Set-up • Card Payments • Bank Transfers

Get paid faster with Noumena wallets. Project-specific wallets keep payments organized, and you can easily transfer money in/out of your bank account.

Marketing Campaigns

SEO-Enabled Noums • Expert Marketing Advice • Campaign Strategy and planning

Market your services to a broader audience with Noums. Leverage expert advice to create winning campaigns and score more clients.

Easy Organization

Project-Specific Storage • Easy to Manage File Permissions

No need to ask, “Where is that file or file link” again. Add assets inside your Noums for easy access and storage.

Chat, Call, Schedule Events

Messaging • Video Calls • Posts • Scheduled Conference Events • Community Networking

Leverage separate chat threads and post feeds, make video calls, and hold large online events/webinars within customized Noums.

Access the Freelance Platform You Deserve

Elevate your business now.

“On Noumena, it helps differentiate you from your competitors. You can connect with people who may potentially want to help support you financially. You can meet other freelancers and potential partners because other people may be searching for those terms that show up on your (Noum) profile. And you can also run your business and showcase some of your best work from there.”

Laura Briggs

Freelance Coach and Author

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Noums?

They’re your go-to tool for managing and driving all aspects of your business — including payments, invoicing, document storage, contract management, collaboration, financing, and much more.

What is my Profile?

Your Profile is where all the magic begins! It's a dynamic way for you to craft and manage your personal brand and what is displayed or not when you connect with others.  Your profile is how you start to grow your professional network, and collaborate with others but it can also be used to seek financing.

How many Noums can I create?

There’s no limit to the number of Noums you can create as you create more clients and projects, add more processes and grow your network.

Who can view my Noums?

All Noumena members can search for and view your Profile

You have the power to decide who can see and interact with your Noums. There are three visibility settings that you can choose from:

Public: Everyone can discover, follow, and connect with your Noum.

Private: Everyone can discover and follow. Members must be invested or request to connect.

Invited or requested to connect: Top-secret. Only invited members can discover and connect. No members can follow

When should I use Noums?

When utilized to their fullest, Noums are built to streamline the way you conduct your daily, weekly, and monthly business activities. They're also designed to be flexible, scalable, and linkable, depending on your business(s) and service offerings.

The secret to your success is to get creative with their many uses and then plug them into your processes. You'll quickly find that you can cut down the number of disparate tools you're using and literally make it all happen from one console.